Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen is a deep learning engineer and data scientist, having published more than 50 scientific articles that collectively attracted more than 5,000 citations. At NVIDIA, his work spans a wide range of deep learning and AI applications, including large language models and multi-modality models.
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Generative AI

Seamlessly Deploying a Swarm of LoRA Adapters with NVIDIA NIM

The latest state-of-the-art foundation large language models (LLMs) have billions of parameters and are pretrained on trillions of tokens of input text. They... 11 MIN READ
Generative AI

Applying Mixture of Experts in LLM Architectures

Mixture of experts (MoE) large language model (LLM) architectures have recently emerged, both in proprietary LLMs such as GPT-4, as well as in community models... 12 MIN READ
Generative AI

Build Enterprise Retrieval-Augmented Generation Apps with NVIDIA Retrieval QA Embedding Model

Large language models (LLMs) are transforming the AI landscape with their profound grasp of human and programming languages. Essential for next-generation... 12 MIN READ
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Conversational AI

How to Create a Custom Language Model

Generative AI has captured the attention and imagination of the public over the past couple of years. From a given natural language prompt, these generative... 12 MIN READ
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Introducing NVIDIA Riva: A GPU-Accelerated SDK for Developing Speech AI Applications

This post was updated in March 2023. Sign up for the latest Speech AI news from NVIDIA. Speech AI is used in a variety of applications, including contact... 8 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Making an NVIDIA Riva ASR Service for a New Language

Speech AI is the ability of intelligent systems to communicate with users using a voice-based interface, which has become ubiquitous in everyday life. People... 13 MIN READ