Note: This is a legacy SDK. Developers may download and continue to use, but it is no longer supported.


NVIDIA Turf Effects empowers users to simulate and render massive grass simulations with physical interaction. Our grass technology provides a fully geometrical representation. Grass blades can be represented with a resolution as low as 3 triangles to several 100 triangles per blade using continuous level of detail. The rendering supports natural shading with correct shadows from the individual blades of grass as well as self-shadows, two sided lighting and correct occlusion for scene geometry. In addition the simulation supports interaction with highly complex shapes, which permits totally new kinds of gameplay.

Key Features
  • Simulate and render large grass areas
  • Fully geometrical grass representation
  • Support for physical interaction
  • Continuous level of detail
  • Natural shading
  • Scalability
Platforms PC
Dependencies DX11
Tools TBA

NVIDIA Turf Effects in Game/Demo Examples

NVIDA Turf Effects

NVIDIA Turf Effects overview video.
Note: Due to the high level of detail the video needs to be played back in 1080p resolution. For even better video quality you can download the video from here.