Accelerate GeoINT Applications

Up to 10x Faster Image and Video Processing.

Run your Geo Intelligence applications on GPUs, and see better results. GPU-acceleration delivers new image and video processing capabilities that deliver:

  • Faster processing of large volumes of imagery generated by satellite and UAVs
  • Real-time and beyond real-time object and face recognition in full-motion video

Several GeoInt applications are already GPU accelerated and many users are seeing faster results by 10x or more compared to CPU-only applications. Speed up your application by getting started with parallel programming on GPUs and experience:

  • Rapid development  - enjoy fast ramp up with GPUs
  • Forward compatibility – guarantee that your code will work with new generations of GPUs
  • Mature tools and environment – comprehensive development tools available

Plug In GPU Accelerated Libraries.

Drop in a GPU-accelerated library to replace MKL, IPP, FFTW and other widely-used libraries
There are several Image and video processing libraries included in the CUDA toolkit

C++ Template Library

cuBLAS                              cuSPARSE
Linear Algebra

NPP                                      cuFFT
Signal & Image Processing

More about libraries:


Use Programming Languages

Develop your own parallel applications and libraries using a programming language you already know

CUDA: a parallel computing platform and programming model for C and C++ developers.

Image Processing Toolbox (for use with MATLAB)

Find out more about other programming language solutions.

More about CUDA:


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