Dense Linear Algebra on GPUs

The NVIDIA cuBLAS library is a fast GPU-accelerated implementation of the standard basic linear algebra subroutines (BLAS). Using cuBLAS APIs, you can speed up your applications by deploying compute-intensive operations to a single GPU or scale up and distribute work across multi-GPU configurations efficiently.

NVBLAS is a GPU-accelerated version of BLAS that further accelerates BLAS Level-3 routines by dynamically routing BLAS calls to one or more NVIDIA GPUs as well as CPUs in the system through the cuBLAS-XT interface.

Researchers and scientists use cuBLAS for developing gpu-accelerated algorithms in areas including high performance computing, image analysis and machine learning.

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cuBLAS performs up to 35X faster than the latest version of the MKL BLAS on common benchmarks

Key Features

  • Complete support for all 152 standard BLAS routines
  • Turing optimized GEMMs and GEMM extensions for Tensor Cores
  • GEMM performance tuned for sizes used in various Deep Learning models
  • API and error logging for debug and traceability
  • Supports single, double, complex, and double complex data types
  • Supports half-precision (FP16) and integer (INT8) matrix multiplication operations
  • Support for multiple GPUs and concurrent kernels
  • Supports CUDA streams for concurrent operations
  • Fortran bindings
  • Batch processing APIs for high performance GEMM operations, LU factorization, and matrix inverse operations
  • Device API that can be called from with your own CUDA kernels
  • Fast implementation of TRSV (Triangular solve)

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The cuBLAS library is freely available as part of the CUDA Toolkit and OpenACC Toolkit.

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