NVIDIA Performance Primitives

Image and Signal Processing on GPUs

The NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) library provides GPU-accelerated image, video, and signal processing functions that perform up to 30x faster than CPU-only implementations. With over 5000 primitives for image and signal processing, you can easily perform tasks such as color conversion, image compression, filtering, thresholding and image manipulation.

The NPP library optimizes the use of available computing resources so that your application achieves maximum performance across the data center, workstation and embedded platforms. Today, NPP is widely used by engineers, scientists and researchers working on images processing, signals processing and computer vision applications in autonomous vehicles, medical imaging, robotics and HPC.

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High Performance

NPP primitives are highly optimized for NVIDIA GPUs and perform up to 80x faster than CPU-only alternatives. With heuristics for maximizing performance, small memory footprint and availability on NVIDIA GPU-families, NPP forms the base for multiple academic and commercial applications available today.

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Key Features

  • Optimizes data transfer to/from CPU memory
    • Process data that is already in GPU memory
    • Leave results in GPU memory so they are ready for subsequent processing
  • Data Exchange and Initialization
    • Set, Convert, Copy, CopyConstBorder, Transpose, SwapChannels
  • Arithmetic and Logical Operations
    • Add, Sub, Mul, Div, AbsDiff, Threshold, Compare
  • Color Conversion
    • RGBToYCbCr, YcbCrToRGB, YCbCrToYCbCr, ColorTwist, LUT_Linear
  • Filter Functions
    • FilterBox, Filter, FilterRow, FilterColumn, FilterMax, FilterMin, Dilate, Erode, SumWindowColumn, SumWindowRow
  • JPEG
    • DCTQuantInv, DCTQuantFwd, QuantizationTableJPEG
  • Geometry Transforms
    • Mirror, WarpAffine, WarpAffineBack, WarpAffineQuad, WarpPerspective, WarpPerspectiveBack , WarpPerspectiveQuad, Resize
  • Statistics Functions
    • Mean_StdDev, NormDiff, Sum, MinMax, HistogramEven, RectStdDev

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The NVIDIA Performance Primitives library is freely available as part of the CUDA Toolkit at www.nvidia.com/getcuda.