NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion 7.1

NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ 7.1 is a reference architecture for Level 2+ autonomy solution consisting of a complete sensor suite and AI computing platform, along with the full software stack for autonomous driving, driver monitoring, and visualization. The DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit can be integrated into a test vehicle, enabling AV developers to develop, evaluate, and validate AV technology. Software is updated to DRIVE Hyperion using the NVIDIA DRIVE OTA over-the-air update infrastructure and services.

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The DRIVE AGX Xavier™ DevKit provides the hardware, software, and sample applications needed for the development of production-level autonomous vehicles (AVs). The NVIDIA DRIVE AGX system is built on production auto-grade silicon, features an open software framework, and has a large ecosystem of automotive partners (including auto-grade sensor vendors and automotive Tier 1 suppliers) to choose from.

DRIVE AGX Xavier Developer Kit
(SKU 2000)

Includes two Xavier Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs) for developing SAE Level 2/3 autonomous driving applications

Tech Specs (click to expand)

DRIVE AGX Xavier Developer Kit (SKU 2000):

Component Description Details
Two Xavier SoCs 8-core “Carmel” CPUs based on ARM v8 ISA
Deep Learning Accelerators (DLA) 5 TOPS (FP16) | 10 TOPS (INT8)
NVIDIA Volta™-class integrated GPU 20 TOPS (INT8) | 1.3 TFLOPS (FP32)
Programmable Vision Accelerators (PVA) 1.6 TOPS
Image Signal Processor (ISP) 1.5 Gigapixels/s
Video encoder Up to 1.2 GPix/s
Video decoder Up to 1.8 GPix/s
Memory Bandwidth (256-Bit LPDDR4) 136 GB/s
DRIVE&nbspAGX&nbspSystem&nbspI/O Camera 90 Gb/s over 16x GMSL(R) ports
LIDAR/Radar ~50 Gb/s over Ethernet
Vehicle IO 6 CAN interfaces
Included Accessories Camera 2 Megapixel RCCB camera with 60-degree FOV
Vehicle harness Connects to vehicle IO ports
Other cables Connects the DRIVE AGX system to a host development computer
Preflashed Linux Ubuntu OS
QNX option also available
NVIDIA CUDA® Libraries, including TensorRT® (for access to deep learning hardware accelerator); NVMEDIA (for access to hardware accelerators for image processing and computer vision); compute and NVIDIA CUDA tools.
NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK Provides reference applications, tools, and a comprehensive library of modules that leverage the computing power of the DRIVE AGX Platform.
DRIVE AV Provides modules for perception, mapping, and planning that leverage the DriveWorks SDK.
DRIVE IX Algorithms to visualize the vehicle’s surroundings, AI-based driver monitoring, and in-cabin assistance.

*TOPS measurements are per-chip

DRIVE AGX Pegasus™ Developer Kit (SKU 2200):
Same as above with the addition of:

Component Description Details
Two NVIDIA Turing Discrete GPUs (DRIVE AGX Pegasus) Turing discrete GPU (TU104 SXM2) 130 TOPS (INT8) | 8.1 TFlops (FP32) connected to Xavier SoC over NVIDIA® NVLink™ (20 GB/s)
Discrete GPU Memory Bandwidth 384 GB/s
Hyperion 7.1 Compute Specifications (click to expand)

1 DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit

320 TOPS of total compute power

2 Xavier SoCs

2 Turing GPUs

IO for sensors, actuation, and networking

DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit
(SKU 2200)

Includes two Xavier SoCs and two NVIDIA Turing™ GPUs for developing robotaxi applications

Hyperion 7.1 Sensor Specifications (click to expand)

7x external cameras (Sekonix/On Semi AR0231)

2x front cameras (120 FOV and 60 FOV) for Euro NCAP safety and basic L2 features

3x side (120 FOV) and back cameras (60 FOV) for advanced highway L2+ features

2x cross-traffic (120 FOV) cameras for urban development

1x in-cabin (55 FOV) camera for driver monitoring features (On Semi AR0144)

8x radars (Continental ARS430)

1x front centered radar for basic L2 features

4x corner radars for advanced highway L2+ features

1x rear radar for high-speed automatic lane changes

2x cross-traffic radars for urban development

1x IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) for self-calibration and egomotion (Xsens)

Refer to the DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit Quick Start Guide (PDF) for details.


DRIVE Hyperion  7.1 sensors have cameras for near and far vision.


A mix of cameras for near and far vision

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DRIVE Hyperion 7.1 sensors have overlapping radars.


Overlapping front, side, and corner visibility and redundancy

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DRIVE Hyperion sensors come with vehicle odometry sensing.


Vehicle odometry sensing for improved precise localization and ground truth determination

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The DRIVE AGX Hyperion 7.1 DevKit is no longer available, but you can visit here to see the newest DRIVE Hyperion generation.

You’ll need:

      A host development PC
      The DRIVE AGX Developer Kit

The development environment for DRIVE AGX requires a host development PC (not included with the DRIVE AGX Developer Kit). The image below illustrates the development workflow. All the tools illustrated below are installed on the host PC through the NVIDIA SDK Manager.

image left: Host development PC image right: DRIVE AGX Developer Kit


Development Tasks
Getting Started
Integrate sensors with DRIVE AGX.
Accelerate image, point cloud, and computer vision processing.
  • Consider using DriveWorks, which includes CUDA and PVA-accelerated image, computer vision, and point cloud processing modules.
  • If you would still like to implement your own processing algorithms, get CUDA samples using SDK Manager available on the Download page.
Use TensorRT to accelerate inference of deep neural networks developed for AV perception.
  • Consider using DriveWorks , which includes CUDA and PVA-accelerated image, computer vision, and point cloud processing modules.
  • If you would still like to implement your own processing algorithms, get CUDA samples using SDK Manager available on the Download page.
Use the DriveWorks SDK to develop perception, mapping, and planning algorithms for autonomous driving.
  • Get access to all modules of DriveWorks using SDK Manager available on the Download page.
Included in the DRIVE AGX Developer Kit? (Y/N)
DRIVE AGX (P3710) Quad Camera Cable Y NVIDIA
DRIVE AGX (P3710) Vehicle Cable Harness N NVIDIA
DRIVE AGX (P3710) Regional Power Cord Y NVIDIA
DRIVE AGX (P3751) 1GbE Network Interface Card Adapter (converts standard Ethernet to HMT-D) Y NVIDIA
DRIVE AGX (P3784) 10GbE Network Interface Card Adapter (converts standard Ethernet to HMT-D) N NVIDIA


= You will need to be a member of the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Program for DRIVE AGX to access this file.


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