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Unleash Your Creativity with RTX Real-Time Ray Tracing

Real-time ray tracing was once considered impossible in graphics, but it’s now become a reality for anyone with an NVIDIA RTX GPU. With real-time ray tracing, artists and designers can create cinematic-quality graphics faster than before. And now you have a chance to show us what you can design with RTX.

Enter our contest, Real-Time Ray Tracing with RTX On, and showcase the most stunning visualizations you can create. We’re asking participants to submit a form and deliver still images or video assets using real-time ray tracing technologies. Then, share your work on social media using the hashtags #RTXOn and #GTC20, and we may even select your work to feature on our social channels.

The selected winner will receive a high-end professional NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics card and a complimentary pass to experience all the sessions at NVIDIA GTC, October 5-9.

Image courtesy of Zoan.

Submissions will be judged by:

  • Originality: How the content creator combined artistry and ingenuity through creating their own assets.
  • Creativity: How well the content creator integrated real-time ray-traced ambient occlusion; and/or real-time ray-traced global illumination; and/or real-time ray-traced reflections; and/or real-time ray-traced shadows; and/or RTXGI in their imagery.

The winner will be announced on or after October 1, 2020 on the NVIDIA Design Twitter channel.

More details, including how to enter and submission requirements, can be found on the Real-Time Ray Tracing with RTX On contest page. 

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