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Accelerating Quantized Networks with the NVIDIA QAT Toolkit for TensorFlow and NVIDIA TensorRT

We’re excited to announce the NVIDIA Quantization-Aware Training (QAT) Toolkit for TensorFlow 2 with the goal of accelerating the quantized networks with... 9 MIN READ
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Training a Recommender System on DGX A100 with 100B+ Parameters in TensorFlow 2

Deep learning recommender systems often use large embedding tables. It can be difficult to fit them in GPU memory. This post shows you how to use a combination... 13 MIN READ
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Deep Learning Study Could Spark New Dinosaur Discoveries

Applying new technology to studying ancient history, researchers are looking to expand their understanding of dinosaurs with a new AI algorithm. The study,... 4 MIN READ
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Autonomous AI Outraces Gran Turismo World Champs

Gran Turismo (GT) Sport competitors are facing a new, AI-supercharged contender thanks to the latest collaborative effort from Sony AI, Sony Interactive... 5 MIN READ
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New on NGC: Security Reports, Latest Containers for PyTorch, TensorFlow, HPC and More

The NVIDIA NGC catalog is a hub for GPU-optimized deep learning, machine learning, and HPC applications. With highly performant software containers, pretrained... 3 MIN READ