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Accelerating Quantized Networks with the NVIDIA QAT Toolkit for TensorFlow and NVIDIA TensorRT

Working on model quantization for TensorRT acceleration? Learn more about the NVIDIA Quantization-Aware Training toolkit for TensorFlow. 9 MIN READ
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Just Released: TensorRT 8.4

Today NVIDIA released TensorRT 8.4, which includes new tools to explore TensorRT optimized engines and quantize the TensorFlow models with QAT. < 1
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Deep Learning Study Could Spark New Dinosaur Discoveries

Researchers combine CT imaging with deep learning to evaluate dinosaur fossils. The approach could change how paleontologists study ancient remains. 4 MIN READ
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Autonomous AI Outraces Gran Turismo World Champs

The newly announced AI racer, Gran Turismo Sophy, uses deep reinforcement learning to beat human Gran Turismo Sport drivers in real-time competitions. 5 MIN READ
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New on NGC: Security Reports, Latest Containers for PyTorch, TensorFlow, HPC and More

This month the NGC catalog added new containers, model resumes, container security scan reports, and more to help identify and deploy AI software faster. 3 MIN READ
A picture of a finger with a half milimeter metasurface next to a blown-up version of the metasurface showing the optical cylinders spread out in a circular pattern.
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Researchers Create a Camera the Size of a Salt Grain Using Neural Nano-Optics

The groundbreaking technology uses an optical metasurface and machine-learning algorithms to produce high-quality color images with a wide field of view. 4 MIN READ