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TensorRT: What’s New

NVIDIA® TensorRT™ 8.5 includes support for new NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs and reduced memory consumption for TensorRT optimizer and runtime with CUDA® Lazy Loading.

TensorRT 8.5 GA is a free download for members of the NVIDIA Developer Program .

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Torch-TensorRT is now available in the PyTorch container from the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog.

TensorFlow-TensorRT is now available in the TensorFlow container from the NGC catalog.

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Get Enterprise Support for NVIDIA TensorRT

NVIDIA Enterprise Support for TensorRT, offered with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, includes:

  • Single source of support with service-level agreements for AI deployments
  • Security reviews and notifications
  • API stability and compatibility across releases
  • Access to NVIDIA AI experts
  • Long-term support on designated releases
  • Customized support-upgrade options
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Get Enterprise technical support for TensorRT

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TensorRT 8.5 GA is available for free to members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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Ethical AI

NVIDIA’s platforms and application frameworks enable developers to build a wide array of AI applications. Consider potential algorithmic bias when choosing or creating the models being deployed. Work with the model’s developer to ensure that it meets the requirements for the relevant industry and use case; that the necessary instruction and documentation are provided to understand error rates, confidence intervals, and results; and that the model is being used under the conditions and in the manner intended.