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AI Model Matches Radiologists’ Accuracy Identifying Breast Cancer in MRIs

Researchers from NYU Langone Health aim to improve breast cancer diagnostics with a new AI model. Recently published in Science Translational Medicine, the... 5 MIN READ
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Open-Source Healthcare AI Innovation Continues to Expand with MONAI v1.0

Developing for the medical imaging AI lifecycle is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process that typically includes data acquisition, compute, and... 6 MIN READ
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Deploying AI Models at Scale with an Operating System for Smart Hospitals

There is an abundance of market-approved medical AI software that can be used to improve patient care and hospital operations, but we have not yet seen these... 6 MIN READ
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Research Neural Fields Your Way with NVIDIA Kaolin Wisp

Research on neural fields has been an increasingly hot topic in computer graphics and computer vision in recent years. Neural fields can represent 3D data like... 5 MIN READ
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Deep Learning Study Could Spark New Dinosaur Discoveries

Applying new technology to studying ancient history, researchers are looking to expand their understanding of dinosaurs with a new AI algorithm. The study,... 4 MIN READ
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Autonomous AI Outraces Gran Turismo World Champs

Gran Turismo (GT) Sport competitors are facing a new, AI-supercharged contender thanks to the latest collaborative effort from Sony AI, Sony Interactive... 5 MIN READ