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Decreasing MRI Scan Times Using Deep Learning with NVIDIA Clara AGX

An intern on the NVIDIA Clara AGX team gives an overview on a deep learning method to remove noise and the Gibbs phenomenon in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 5 MIN READ
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Maximizing GROMACS Throughput with Multiple Simulations per GPU Using MPS and MIG

In this post, we demonstrate the benefits of running multiple simulations per GPU for GROMACS. 19 MIN READ
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AI Model Predicts Drug Synergies for Fighting COVID-19

Researchers develop a deep learning model that predicts optimal drug combinations for treating COVID-19 patients. 3 MIN READ
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MONAI Bridges the Gap from Innovative Research to Clinical Production

MONAI announces new releases and deployment framework for medical imaging. 3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Data Scientists Take Top Spots in MICCAI 2021 Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge

NVIDIA data scientists took three of the top spots in a brain tumor segmentation challenge validation phase at the prestigious MICCAI 2021. 9 MIN READ
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NVIDIA Research at MICCAI 2021

NVIDIA focuses on medical imaging research at MICCAI 2021 with multiple papers at the conference. 3 MIN READ