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Discover Industry Breakthroughs Using AI Technology at Microsoft Build 2022

Join Microsoft Build 2022 to learn how NVIDIA AI technology solutions are transforming industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. 3 MIN READ
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Capture 6x Better Temporal Resolution Cardiac Imaging at any Heart Rate with Fujifilm Healthcare Cardio StillShot 

Using NVIDIA GPUs, Fujifilm Healthcare developed Cardio StillShot to capture cardiac imaging at any heart rate, with 6x better temporal resolution of cardiac CT images. 5 MIN READ
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Boosting Ultrarapid Nanopore Sequencing Analysis on NVIDIA DGX A100

Ultrarapid nanopore sequencing is bringing us one step closer to same-day whole genome genetic diagnosis. 7 MIN READ
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New Sensor Partners Expand Surgical, Ultrasound, and Data Acquisition Capabilities in the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan Platform

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan offers an expanded selection of third-party interface options for video capture, ultrasound research, data acquisition, and connection to legacy medical devices. 5 MIN READ
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Latest Releases and Resources: March 10-16

Join experts from NVIDIA at the Healthcare and Life Sciences Developer Summit at GTC; attend Omniverse sessions at GDC; and get hands-on NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute training at GTC. 2 MIN READ
Accelerate drug discovery with NVIDIA Clara
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AI and Drug Discovery Q&A: NVIDIA Genomics with Johnny Israeli

NVIDIA is accelerating the field of genomics and drug discovery with the help of GPUs. Learn about the work from the lab lead Jonny Israeli. 12 MIN READ