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Genomic LLMs Show Superior Performance and Generalization Across Diverse Tasks

A collaboration between InstaDeep, the Technical University of Munich (TUM), and NVIDIA has led to the development of multiple super-computing scale foundation... 4 MIN READ
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Explainer: What Is Federated Learning?

Federated learning makes it possible for AI algorithms to gain experience from a vast range of data located at different sites. < 1
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Rapidly Build AI-Streaming Apps with Python and C++

The computational needs for AI processing of sensor streams at the edge are increasingly demanding. Edge devices must keep up with high rates of incoming data... 5 MIN READ
iCardio ultrasound image
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Running an Ultrasound Multi-AI Pipeline from in Real Time with NVIDIA Holoscan

Over the past decade, the rapid development of deep learning convolutional neural networks has completely revolutionized how computer vision tasks are... 7 MIN READ
Digital pathology WSI
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Accelerating Digital Pathology Workflows Using cuCIM and NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage

Whole slide imaging (WSI), the digitization of tissue on slides using whole slide scanners, is gaining traction in healthcare. WSI enables clinicians in... 10 MIN READ
Biomolecular structure
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Predict Protein Structures and Properties with Biomolecular Large Language Models

The NVIDIA BioNeMo service is now available for early access. At GTC Fall 2022, NVIDIA unveiled BioNeMo, a domain-specific framework and service for training... 3 MIN READ