Image of a destroyed residential area after an earthquake in Japan.
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Deep Learning Detects Earthquakes at Millimeter-Scale

Researchers create a neural network that automatically detects tectonic fault deformation, crucial to understanding and possibly predicting earthquake behavior. 3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA HPC SDK 21.3 Now Available

The SDK is a comprehensive suite of compilers, libraries, and tools enabling developers to program the entire HPC platform from the GPU foundation to the CPU, and through the interconnect. 2 MIN READ
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GTC21: Top 5 Public Sector Technical Sessions

This year at GTC you will join speakers and panelists considered to be the pioneers of AI who are transforming AI possibilities in government and beyond. 4 MIN READ
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See the Future of AI in Public Sector at GTC

There will be over 50 public sector sessions, both live and On-Demand at GTC this fall. < 1
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ISC20 Featured Demo: Accelerating COVID-19 Research with NVIDIA GPUs

Scientists and researchers are racing against the clock to find a cure for COVID-19. The search requires the screening of billions of drug candidates and identifying the right chemical structure that ... < 1
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NVIDIA and NIH Researchers Develop an AI Tool with Clara Train SDK to Better Detect Prostate Cancer

To help physicians in this effort, NVIDIA and the NIH set out to develop a tool that could be used to better assess both the physical and the cellular presentation of the disease. 5 MIN READ