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Managing Memory for Acceleration Structures in DirectX Raytracing

In Microsoft Direct3D, anything that uses memory is considered a resource: textures, vertex buffers, index buffers, render targets, constant buffers… 6 MIN READ
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Best Practices: Using NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing

This post gathers best practices based on our experiences so far on using NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in games. I’ve organized the tips into short… 23 MIN READ
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Profiling DXR Shaders with Timer Instrumentation

Optimizing real-time graphics applications for maximum performance can be a challenging endeavor, and ray tracing is no exception. Whether you want to make your… 9 MIN READ
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Optimizing VK/VKR and DX12/DXR Applications Using Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace Advanced Mode Metrics

Many GPU performance analysis tools are based on a capture and replay mechanism, where a frame is first captured (either in-memory or to disk)… 12 MIN READ
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Bringing HLSL Ray Tracing to Vulkan

This post was revised March 2020 to reflect newly added support in DXC for targeting the SPV_KHR_ray_tracing multi-vendor extension. DirectX Ray Tracing (DXR)… 9 MIN READ
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Introduction to Ray Tracing in Unreal Engine 4.22

Epic Games is adding ‘Early Access’ support for ray tracing through the DirectX Raytracing API (DXR) to Unreal Engine with the pending release of Unreal Engine… 12 MIN READ