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Omniverse Open Beta Now Available for Linux

The NVIDIA Omniverse open beta expands to linux by releasing a linux-based launcher and applications.

The new launcher provides the latest Omniverse news and updates, as well as the exchange where users can install and update applications and components like Omniverse Create, Kit, Cache, Drive and the Autodesk Maya Connector.

The launcher also provides a quick way of installing the Nucleus servers through the collaboration tab. These serve as the hub for collaboration and maintain the live sync between compatible applications.

The following are available today for linux:

  • Omniverse Nucleus: At the core of Omniverse is a set of fundamental services that allow a variety of Omniverse-enabled client applications (Apps, Connectors, and others) to share and modify authoritative representations of virtual worlds.
  • Omniverse Cache: A simple service that can be used both on users’ workstations as well as within infrastructure to optimize data transfers between Nucleus and it’s clients. 
  • Omniverse Kit: A toolkit for building native Omniverse applications and microservices. It is built on a base framework that provides a wide variety of functionality through a set of light-weight plugins. 
  • Omniverse Create: An Omniverse app that allows users to assemble, light, simulate and render large scale scenes. It is built using NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit. The Scene Description and in-memory model is based on Pixar’s USD. Omniverse Create takes advantage of the advanced workflows of USD like Layers, Variants, Instancing and more.
  • Autodesk Maya Connector: This feature offers a robust toolkit for Maya users to send and live sync their model data to an Omniverse Nucleus. Maya users get a first-class renderer through Omniverse View or Omniverse Kit, as well as the ability to open, edit and sync with any application supporting Omniverse Connect. 

Download the Omniverse launcher for linux today.

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