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Omniverse Assets Available for Download on TurboSquid

TurboSquid and NVIDIA are collaborating to curate thousands of USD models that are available today and ready to use with NVIDIA Omniverse.

Many developers using Omniverse are experiencing enhanced workflows with virtual collaboration and photorealistic simulation. The open platform, which is available now in open beta, enables teams around the world to simultaneously collaborate in real time, using their favorite 3D applications. 

TurboSquid has an extensive library of 3D models that users can easily drag and drop into Omniverse, allowing them to immediately start collaborating with others. This helps developers save time as they can immediately start exploring Omniverse without worrying about importing or exporting content, model preparation, or polycounts. Users can load TurboSquid’s USD models in Omniverse connectors, and Omniverse ensures consistent quality between teams, contractors, and ecosystems. 

To get started, download the NVIDIA Omniverse Launcher from Run the Omniverse Launcher and install Omniverse Create or Omniverse View apps, then import TurboSquid 3D content and start creating.

Learn more by visiting TurboSquid’s Omniverse page, and check out the 3D tool sets now available.

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