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A New Era for Engineers: Introducing NVIDIA Omniverse Developer Day at NVIDIA GTC

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The inaugural NVIDIA Omniverse Developer Day launches at NVIDIA GTC on Wednesday, Nov. 10. The event offers sessions focused on NVIDIA Omniverse—a powerful multi-GPU, real-time simulation, and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines.

Developers and users of Omniverse can attend technical and business-focused sessions and learn how to build, extend, and connect tools and platforms to the growing Omniverse ecosystem. Exclusive engineering-focused breakout sessions with senior developers of the Omniverse platform are also being offered.

Nov. 9 Sessions

Build, Connect, Extend – Introduction to Omniverse Platform for Developers
Join an introductory session on Nov. 9, hosted by Richard Kerris, VP of the Omniverse Developer Platform, and Katja Reitemeyer, Director of Omniverse Developer Toolkits to see how developers can leverage the flexible, extremely modular platform to develop their own extensions, apps, connectors, and microservices.

Nov. 10 Sessions

Technical Sessions

Making a Connector for Omniverse
Learn how to connect with the Omniverse platform and be able to send data to it, establish a live sync session, and get a USD 101 overview to get you started.
Speaker: Lou Rohan, Omniverse Connect Engineer, NVIDIA

How to Build Extensions and Apps on Omniverse Kit
Omniverse Kit is designed to be the premier foundation for Omniverse-connected tools and microservices. It can be run headless to create a microservice, or with a UI. Learn how to use this toolkit for building native Omniverse applications and microservices.
Speaker: Damien Fagnou, Senior Director – Software, NVIDIA

A Deep Dive into Building Microservices with Omniverse
Continuing our talk from GTC in April, we’ll take a deeper dive into building microservices with Omniverse and how to use and run them.
Speakers: Jozef van Eenbergen Senior Software Engineering Manager and Philippe Sawicki Senior Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Technical Breakout Sessions

Developer Breakout: Build Your Own Extensions and Apps on Omniverse Kit
Meet with the Omniverse Extension and App developers and deep dive into the power of extensibility. Ask questions and learn how you can get started building your own tools on Omniverse Kit and how NVIDIA can help share your work.
Speakers: Damien Fagnou Senior Director, Software and Anton Novoselov, Senior Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Developer Breakout: Build Your Own Microservices on Omniverse
Meet and talk with the team behind the microservices stack within Omniverse. We will touch on the roadmap and internal projects we have been building with microservices and are also excited to hear about your ideas and answer any questions you might have.
Speakers: Jozef van Eenbergen Senior Software Engineering Manager and Philippe Sawicki, Senior Software Engineer NVIDIA

Business-Focused Breakout Session 

Developer Breakout: Build, License, and Distribute Your Omniverse Extensions, Apps, and Connectors
Join this session to learn the licensing and development models for building and distributing your own extensions, apps, connectors, or microservices built on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.
Speakers: Richard Kerris, VP Omniverse Developer Platform and Katja Reitemeyer, Director of Omniverse Development Toolkits, NVIDIA

Notable GTC Omniverse Technical Sessions 

Meet the Pioneers: A New Era of Advanced Physics Simulation
This break-out session discusses physics simulation topics with a focus on physics simulation using NVIDIA PhysX and NVIDIA Omniverse Physics.
Speakers: Michelle Lu Director of Simulation Technology and Adam Moravanszky, Senior Director for Simulation Technology NVIDIA

Meet the Omniverse Experts: Materials and Rendering Technology in Omniverse
Ask our senior NVIDIA Omniverse engineers and developers leading rendering and material technologies for the Omniverse platform. Learn more about the Omniverse RTX Renderer, MDL, the Omniverse Universal Material Mapper, or the newly released OmniSurface uber material shader.
Speakers: Simon Yuen, Director of Graphics and AI; Ignacio Llamas Senior Director, Distinguished Engineer, Omniverse RTX; Frankie Liu, Senior Product Manager; and Morteza Ramezanali, Principal Engineer

NVIDIA Omniverse User Group
With this special event, get a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming NVIDIA Omniverse platform features, connect with other users, and learn who won the latest Omniverse Create contest
Speakers: Senior NVIDIA executives, artists, engineers, and Omniverse users

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