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NVIDIA GTC: Industrial at the Edge

AI is transforming the industrial sector. From design, supply chain, and manufacturing, to servicing of mission-critical assets, AI is expected to add $4.8 trillion worth of economic value.  

The industrial use cases are rich and range from finding anomalies, detecting defects, predicting the health of factory and field assets, to detecting deviations in complex processes monitored by 1000s of sensors.

At the GTC conference, taking place November 8-11, we are pleased to share some of the most successful AI-led digital transformations that are setting new trends across the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Specifically, the Manufacturing Conference Sessions will cover how NVIDIA GPU accelerated compute and AI are instrumental in delivering greater resiliency, flexibility, and agility to achieve new levels of safety, productivity, and sustainability for industrial operations.

Read on to get a first look into our Edge Industrial focused sessions at GTC:  

Image of Chitra Singh, technical member from Drishti
Figure 1. Manufacturing Session by Chitra Singh, Technical Staff Member at Drishti

Drishti’s AI Solution to Optimize Manual Assembly

Software 2.0 for Industry 4.0: Everyday on the factory floor is unique. Contrary to what you may think of an assembly line, manufacturing is human – dynamic, evolving, and chaotic. Hence, the initial best-fit models soon become obsolete and require further refinement to keep up the high standards of reliability and quality.  During this session, learn how Drishti was able to vertically integrate MLOps platforms to orchestrate data annotation, distributed training, evaluation, and deployment of their models using the latest NVIDIA GPUs and technologies. All with the push of a button, without requiring a data scientist for new deployments.

Scaling AI with Data Monsters on Manufacturing Floor

Case Study: Edge AI for Industrial Applications: The journey to AI at scale is hard. The Data Monsters’ team, in cooperation with NVIDIA, has implemented an AI-based quality inspection on a high-speed packaging line of a major beverage company. Join us as Data Monsters shares a case study of how NVIDIA Metropolis enabled active learning for this edge deployed computer vision solution.  They will also share details on how their solution benefits from using NVIDIA Fleet Command service scale deployment and management of edge AI applications over a network of manufacturing sites globally.

Building a Vision Intelligence Platform 

Honeywell Vision Intelligence Platform: Video analytics is critical to Honeywell’s Building Technologies, Safety and Productivity Solutions, Process Solutions, and Aerospace businesses. While each business requires unique accuracy and performance solutions, human detection, object detection, and semantic segmentation models are common across the use cases. Attend this session to learn more about how to build a unified platform approach that leverages common AI models, inference platforms, and unified deployment methodologies across the edge and cloud to maximize development and operational efficiencies. 

An Aerospace Language Model 

Introducing AeroBERT, An Aerospace-centric Language Model for all NLP Applications at Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce will be sharing its journey on creating AeroBERT, a highly technical transformer-based language model trained on millions of aerospace-related documents. AeroBERT is currently used to tackle all natural language processing (NLP) challenges at Rolls-Royce that traditional language models that are focused on the everyday English language cannot tackle. Join this session to learn how AeroBERT was developed and its use cases at Rolls-Royce. 

Image of panelists from "Achieving Safety and Efficiency for Industrial Sites with AI" session
Figure 2. Safety and Efficiency Panel speakers led by Chief Officers from multiple AI startups.

Safety and Efficiency Panel with AI Startups

Achieving Safety and Efficiency for Industrial Sites with AI: Product defects, long product design cycles, equipment failures, and safety violations are costly issues to have. Join startups Falkonry, Neural Concept, Engineering Software Steyr (ESS), Kitov systems, SimInsights, and NVIDIA in conversation about how to improve product design and quality. They will also explore how to minimize unplanned downtime and improve efficiency, while ensuring worker safety and productivity with AI manufacturing solutions.

Join Us at GTC

With over 500 GTC sessions covering the latest breakthroughs in AI and deep learning, GTC is the best place to learn from experts, practitioners, and leaders across every industry. The virtual event kicks off on November 9 with a keynote presentation from NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder, Jensen Huang.

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