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NVIDIA Clara AGX SDK 3.0 Goes Public and Includes New Application Container

NVIDIA Clara AGX SDK 3.0 is available today! The Clara AGX SDK runs on the NVIDIA Jetson and Clara AGX platform and provides developers with capabilities to build end-to-end streaming workflows for medical imaging. The focus of this release is to provide added support for NGC containers, including TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks, a new ultrasound application, and updated Transfer Learning Toolkit scripts.  


There is now support for the leading deep learning framework containers, including TensorFlow 1, TensorFlow 2, and PyTorch, as well as the Triton Inference Server. These containers can help you quickly get started using the Clara AGX Development Kit, NVIDIA’s GPU super-charged development platform for AI medical devices and edge-based inferencing. We’ve also released three new application containers along with the SDK, available on NGC. These application containers include: 

  • Metagenomics application 
  • US4US Ultrasound application and sample code 
  • Dermatology Melanoma detection  

Clara AGX SDK has also been updated to the latest Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) 3.0 release. Developers can now use TLT 3.0 out-of-the-box and includes compatibility with DeepStream SDK for real-time, low latency, high-resolution image AI deployments.  

Download Clara AGX SDK 3.0 through the Clara AGX Developer Site. An NVIDIA Developer Program account is needed to access the SDK. You can also find all of our containers through NGC

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