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Boost AI Medical Device Streaming Workflows with the Clara Holoscan SDK

Advances in edge computing, video cameras, real-time processing, and AI have helped transform medical devices over the years. NVIDIA developed the NVIDIA Clara... 6 MIN READ
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New Sensor Partners Expand Surgical, Ultrasound, and Data Acquisition Capabilities in the NVIDIA Clara Holoscan Platform

New advances in computation make it possible for medical devices to automatically detect, measure, predict, simulate, map, and guide clinical care teams. NVIDIA... 5 MIN READ
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Autonomous Robot Improves Surgical Precision Using AI

In a medical first, a robot has performed a laparoscopic operation without the guidance of a surgeon’s hand. The study, recently publish in Science Robotics,... 4 MIN READ
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Removing Aliasing Artifacts in Ultrasound Color Doppler Imaging with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan and the NVIDIA Clara Developer Kit

At RSNA 2021, there are dedicated tracks on ultrasound imaging, which is a cost-effective way to see what is going on inside a patient's body without exposure... 9 MIN READ
Closeup of a surgeon at work.
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Supporting Low-Latency Streaming Video for AI-Powered Medical Devices with Clara Holoscan

NVIDIA Clara Holoscan provides a scalable medical device computing platform for developers to create AI microservices and deliver insights in real time. The... 5 MIN READ
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Accelerating Multiorgan Rendering for Radiology and Radiation Therapy with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan

Watch NVIDIA founder and CEO  Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote address streaming on Nov. 9 and in replay. Tune in to a healthcare special address by Kimberly... 13 MIN READ