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NVIDIA Clara SDK Now Available

Earlier this year, NVIDIA unveiled the NVIDIA Clara platform, an open platform that enables developers and partners to take advantage of NVIDIA’s technology and expertise in artificial intelligence, advanced visualization, and high performance computing,  to build the next generation of medical imaging instruments and workflows. Today, we are announcing the availability of the Clara Software Development Kit (SDK).
In order for radiology to benefit from the thousands of new AI applications being developed, we will need to have a clear path to deployment for a broad spectrum of clinical and imaging centers with diverse instruments, workflows and patient populations. Having a standard deployment platform will be key for scalable adoption of AI.
The Clara SDK provides medical-application developers with a set of GPU-accelerated libraries for computing, advanced visualization, and AI. As Clara SDK evolves, we will also provide containers that can be used to build hardware abstracted applications. These containers will enhance medical imaging including reconstruction, image processing, segmentation, classification, and 3D rendering.
By leveraging Docker and NVIDIA’s Kubernetes on GPUs, developers will be able to deploy an application in multiple computing environments, including embedded, on-prem, or in the cloud.
This flexible deployment provides an abstraction that takes advantage of rapid advancements in compute. This allows a faster path to updating and upgrading medical imaging instruments.
Create your applications leveraging Clara SDK and take advantage of the 1000x acceleration of GPU computing over the next 10 years.
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