Enhance Immersive Experiences with the New Varjo XR-4 Series Headsets, Powered by NVIDIA

Car model shown recorded inside of the Varjo XR-4

Developers and enterprises can now deploy lifelike virtual and mixed reality experiences with Varjo’s latest XR-4 series headsets, which are integrated with NVIDIA technologies. These XR headsets match the resolution that the human eye can see, providing users with realistic visual fidelity and performance. 

The latest XR-4 series headsets support NVIDIA Omniverse and are powered by NVIDIA GPUs, unlocking high-fidelity photorealism and real-time ray-tracing capabilities for extended reality (XR) developers and users.

Building high-fidelity XR experiences

The Varjo XR-4 series, with the advanced capabilities of Omniverse, delivers more realistic, immersive capabilities to key Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) pipelines and applications in fields such as training, simulation, design, engineering, and healthcare. 

High-pressure training scenarios, such as those in the public sector space, become even more accurate and realistic, thanks to the XR-4 series’ true-to-life visual experience. Design reviews now offer photorealism with real-time reflections and accurate representations of any model, providing designers with a more immersive and accurate review process.

The NVIDIA Omniverse integration is made possible through OpenUSD, and its nondestructive scene editing, which fosters smooth interactions across tools. Immersive experiences with the Varjo XR-4 series are further enhanced by the accelerated rendering facilitated by Omniverse. This reduces friction for Varjo XR-4 users, enabling efficient and non-disruptive rendering. 

“The Varjo XR-4 series with Omniverse enables users to push the boundaries of immersive experiences and enhance productivity,” said Marcus Olsson, director of partnerships at Varjo. “USD holds immense potential for the XR industry with its open-source nature and interoperability. With USD, we envision a future where XR content creation becomes more streamlined, efficient, and scalable, empowering users to bring their visions to life with ease.”

To achieve optimal performance with XR-4 Series headsets, Varjo recommends a multi-GPU setup using the latest NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation graphics cards. This setup ensures peak performance for ultra-high-resolution rendering, delivering an unparalleled visual experience. 

Image of a gamer wearing an XR headset.
Figure 1. Varjo XR-4 headset

The Varjo XR-4 series is now available to order.

For more information about developing immersive experiences, see Develop on NVIDIA Omniverse.

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