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Learn More About Real-Time Ray Traced Caustics in Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter

In just two weeks, on August 4, Ray Tracing Gems II will be available to download for free in its entirety, or to purchase as a physical release from Apress or Amazon. We’ve been counting down to this date by providing early releases of select chapters once every week in July. Today’s chapter presents two real-time techniques for rendering caustics effects with ray tracing. The first is built on an adaptive photon scattering approach that can depict accurate caustic patterns from metallic and transparent surfaces after multiple ray bounces. The second is specialized for water caustics cast after a single-bounce reflection or refraction and is appropriate for use on water surfaces that cover large areas of a scene. Both techniques are fully dynamic, low cost, and ready-to-use with no data preprocessing requirements.

You can download the full chapter free here

We’ve collaborated with our partners to make four limited edition versions of the book, including custom covers that highlight real-time ray tracing in Fortnite, Control, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Quake II RTX.

To win a limited edition print copy of Ray Tracing Gems II, enter the giveaway contest here:

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