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Ethan Einhorn is a 21-year games industry veteran, having held positions in editorial, marketing, production, and creative direction. Currently, he is a senior product marketing manager at NVIDIA.

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Ray Tracing Gems II Available Today in Hardcover

Ray Tracing Games II is now available as a hardcover on Apress and Amazon. 2 MIN READ
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New NVIDIA Updates for Unreal Engine Developers

Updates include improvements to Deep Learning Super Sampling, RTX Global Illumination, RTX Direct Illumination, and NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers. 3 MIN READ
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Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter Covers Ray Tracing in Remedy’s Control

This chapter, written by Juha Sjöholm, Paula Jukarainen, and Tatu Aalto, presents how all ray tracing based effects were implemented in Remedy Entertainment' < 1
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Learn More About Real-Time Ray Traced Caustics in Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter

We’ve been counting down to the release of Ray Tracing Gems II by providing early releases of select chapters once every week in July. This week' < 1
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New Ray Tracing SDK Improves Memory Allocation for Games

Real-time ray tracing has advanced the art of lighting in video games, but it’s a computationally expensive process. Aiming to reduce these costs… 2 MIN READ
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Learn More About Reservoir Sampling in Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter

As the August 4 release date for Ray Tracing Gems II nears, NVIDIA is offering another free chapter from the book to celebrate. This time… < 1