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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Using AI to Boost Customer Service

With the increasing volume of interactions with customers over social media channels, KLM Royal Dutch Airline is the first airline to test how artificial intelligence could assist customer service agents.
“We have 100,000 mentions a week on social media,” says Tjalling Smit, senior vice president of Digital at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. “We handle around 15,000 customer service cases a week and we answer our customers 24/7 in 10 different languages.” As social channels proliferate, KLM makes sure it is present where its customers live online. “We were the first airline to allow customers to get their boarding passes and flight confirmation through Facebook Messenger,” says Smit.
KLM is piloting DigitalGenius’ GPU-accelerated AI system that is integrated directly into KLM’s Customer Relationship Management tool, and provides a layer of deep learning and artificial intelligence to service agents in real-time. Using CUDA, TITAN X GPUs and the Torch deep learning framework, the start-up trained their model on 60,000 previous customer-agent interactions and it continues to learn by observing the actions of the agents, specifically when the agent decides not to use the proposed answer.
“The deployment of DigitalGenius [by KLM] is a prime example of what companies can do to take the next step in customer service and empower their human agents with practical AI,” said Mikhail Naumov, DigitalGenius president and chief strategy officer.
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