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Indiana University Unveils New GPU-Accelerated Supercomputer Big Red 200

To help accelerate research in medicine, climate modeling, physics, and other academic research, Indiana University has just unveiled a new 6 petaFLOPS capable GPU-accelerated supercomputer named Big Red 200. The new supercomputer is specifically designed for AI applications and will include 256 NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs

Big Red 200 is based on HPE’s Cray Shasta architecture and is the first to be deployed anywhere in the world. 

“Big Red 200 is a giant leap forward in supercomputing capacity to support IU researchers and students,” said Brad Wheeler, IU vice president for IT and chief information officer.

The supercomputer combines AMD Rome CPUs and the latest NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs.

“With the Big Red 200 reveal, IU becomes one of the preeminent universities providing the required platform for accelerating today’s HPC and AI research,” said Cheryl Martin, director of higher education at NVIDIA. 

The university says the supercomputer will be available to faculty, staff, and students. 

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