Get Ready for the NVIDIA DPU Hackathon in North America

NVIDIA BlueField DPU card

The global series of regional Data Processing Unit (DPU) software hackathons continues in North America. Aimed at advancing research and development in data center and AI technologies, this free event is open to all developers, innovators, and technologists. 

On December 8, 2021, 10 teams will compete to develop accelerated applications for the  NVIDIA® BlueField® DPU using NVIDIA® DOCA™ software. 

Why participate?

The GPU and the DPU are fundamental building blocks to make the data center scalable and efficient. The more DPU-savvy you become, the better prepared you will be to handle modern data center challenges including AI, streaming media, 5G, Edge, Cloud, and IoT. 

The NVIDIA DPU Hackathon is the perfect place to begin building your skills. Take part in supercharging BlueField DPU capabilities for AI, security, networking, and storage. Familiarize yourself with the latest version of the DOCA software framework to build the most innovative accelerated infrastructure application. 

Prizes for this event include: 

  • First place: A $400 gift card and 3 credits to the NVIDIA Deep Learning per team member, plus a BlueField-2 card for the team
  • Second place: $300 gift card and 3 credits to the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute per team member
  • Third place: $200 gift card and 3 credits to the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute per team member

Learn the foundations of DOCA

Participants are invited to a training boot camp on November 29-30, to learn the foundations of DOCA. During the boot camp, experienced DOCA developers, architects, application & performance engineers, and product marketing experts will mentor participants on how to use DOCA and the software development kit (SDK) to develop DPU accelerated cloud applications. These mentors will also be available to the teams during the hackathon and will assist in articulating the market value proposition.

Teams interested in applying, should fill out the application before November 13, 2021. Participation is free of charge–this is a fantastic opportunity for developers, and mentors who assist them, to work with their peers in an intense 2-day format.

Learn more about the Hackathon >

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