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Scott is currently the Director of Product Marketing at NVIDIA, after joining as part of the Cumulus Networks acquisition in 2020. Scott has over 20 years of experience in a variety of Product Marketing and Product Management roles, specializing in kick starting new lines of business within high growth environments including Cumulus Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco and Sun Microsystems. Scott received his BS Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Biomedical Computing and his MBA in Marketing from Babson College.
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NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs
Data Center / Cloud

Transform the Data Center for the AI Era with NVIDIA DPUs and NVIDIA DOCA

NVIDIA BlueField-3 data processing units (DPUs) are now in full production, and have been selected by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to achieve higher... 7 MIN READ

Long-Term Support for NVIDIA DOCA 1.5

NVIDIA recently announced the long-term support (LTS) release of NVIDIA DOCA 1.5. NVIDIA DOCA is the open cloud SDK and acceleration framework for NVIDIA... 5 MIN READ

Stop Modern Security Attacks in Real Time with ARIA Cybersecurity and NVIDIA

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is changing in waves with threat and attack methods putting the business world on high alert. Modern attacks continue to gain... 4 MIN READ
Libraries and drivers are not one and the same. This blog explains which is the best for your need to clear up any confusion.

Understanding When To Use DOCA Drivers and DOCA Libraries

The NVIDIA DOCA Software framework includes everything needed to program the NVIDIA BlueField data processing unit (DPU) and provides a consistent experience... 6 MIN READ
NVIDIA DOCA libraries simplify the development process of BlueField DPU applications
Data Center / Cloud

Bolster Network, Storage, and Security Infrastructure Services with NVIDIA DOCA 1.3

The NVIDIA DOCA software framework provides a comprehensive, open development platform to accelerate the creation of DPU applications. DOCA continues to gain... 5 MIN READ

Developers Drive DPU Evolution in the NVIDIA DOCA Hackathon

The third in a series of global NVIDIA DOCA Hackathons took place on March 21, during NVIDIA 2022 GTC. Competing in the event were 10 teams from a variety of... 4 MIN READ