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Developers Design Innovative Network Security Solutions at the NVIDIA Cybersecurity Hackathon

The latest NVIDIA Cybersecurity Hackathon brought together 10 teams to create exciting cybersecurity innovations using the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI... 4 MIN READ
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Upcoming Event: OpenACC and Hackathons Summit 2022

Join this digital conference from August 2-4 to learn how science is being advanced through the work done at Open Hackathons or accelerated using OpenACC. < 1
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Developers Drive DPU Evolution in the NVIDIA DOCA Hackathon

The third in a series of global NVIDIA DOCA Hackathons took place on March 21, during NVIDIA 2022 GTC. Competing in the event were 10 teams from a variety of... 4 MIN READ
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Latest Releases and Resources: March 3-9

Our weekly roundup covers the most recent software updates, learning resources, events, and notable news.  EventsLearning resourcesNews Events NVIDIA at... 3 MIN READ
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From Earth Sciences to Factory Production: GPU Hackathon Optimizes Modeling Results

While the world is continuously changing, one constant is the ongoing drive of developers to tackle challenges using innovative technologies. The recent Taiwan... 5 MIN READ
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Expanding the NVIDIA DOCA Community for Developers in China

On January 13, NVIDIA hosted an online workshop to engage with the NVIDIA DOCA developer community in China. The core team at NVIDIA and leading partner... 4 MIN READ