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NVIDIA BlueField European Hackathon Fuels Data Center Innovation with Pioneering DPU-based Applications Demonstrations

At NVIDIA where non-stop innovation is our culture, we are hosting a global series of regional Data Processing Unit (DPU) software hackathons over the next 12… 5 MIN READ

Deadline Approaching for February 2016 GPU EuroHack

In partnership with Jülich Supercomputing Center and Oak Ridge National Labs, TU Dresden is hosting a “EuroHack” GPU Hackathon February 29 to March 4… 2 MIN READ
Accelerated Computing

Porting Scientific Applications to GPUs at the OLCF OpenACC Hackathon

Six scientific computing teams from around the world spent an intense week late last year porting their applications to GPUs using OpenACC directives. 7 MIN READ