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Get Free Training in Deep learning, Accelerated Computing, and Data Science

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For the first time, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) is offering free, one-click notebooks for exploratory hands-on experience in deep learning, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science. The courses, ranging from as little as 10 minutes to 60 minutes, help expose you to the fundamental skills you need to do your life’s work.  

Building a Brain in 10 Minutes

Learn how to build a brain in just 10 minutes! This free course teaches you how to build a simple neural network and explores the biological and psychological inspirations to the world’s first neural networks. You will explore how neural networks use data to learn and will get an understanding of the math behind a neuron. 

Speed Up DataFrame Operations With RAPIDS cuDF

Get a glimpse into how to speed up dataframe operations with RAPIDS cuDF. This free notebook demonstrates significant speed-up by moving common DataFrame operations to the GPU with minimal changes to existing code. You will explore common data preparation processes and compare data manipulation performance using GPUs compared to CPUs.

An Even Easier Introduction to CUDA

Learn the basics of writing parallel CUDA kernels to run on NVIDIA GPUs. In this free course, you will launch massively parallel CUDA Kernels on an NVIDIA GPU, organize parallel thread execution for massive dataset sizes, manage memory between the CPU and GPU, and profile your CUDA code to observe performance gains.

More Options

Need more? Dive deeper and choose from an extensive catalog of hands-on, instructor-led workshops, or self-paced online training through DLI. You will have access to GPUs in the cloud and develop skills in AI, accelerated computing, accelerated data science, graphics and simulation, and more. 

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