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Get Hands-on AI, Data Science, and Accelerated Computing Training at GTC

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Do you want to learn how to create cutting-edge GPU accelerated applications in AI, data science, or accelerated computing? Then, take a workshop at the NVIDIA GTC conference this November from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI)

These instructor-led trainings, consist of hands-on remote learning taught by NVIDIA certified experts in virtual classrooms. You can interact with your instructors and peers throughout these workshops, while tackling interactive coding challenges. 

DLI offerings at GTC include:

For the first time ever, we’re offering a newly created course on  Scaling CUDA C++ Applications to Multiple Nodes.  

Several workshops will be available in Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese for attendees in their respective time zones.

Full-day workshops give access to a fully configured GPU-accelerated server in the cloud and provide the opportunity to earn a certificate of subject matter competency.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot for just $149. 

After registering for a free GTC Conference Pass, log into the attendee portal to choose your desired full-day workshop(s) and complete the payment process.

Interested in taking training but can’t find one in your timezone? DLI will offer shorter 2-4 hour workshops for free. 

Training labs include:

Seats are first come first serve so register for free today! Register now >> 

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