Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a Senior Content Developer at NVIDIA, where he enables the use of deep learning and GPU-accelerated computing technologies across industries. Previously, he worked as a lead quantitative analyst at Morgan Stanley and instructor at the University of California, Berkeley. He received his dual degree in Engineering and Finance from Purdue University.
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Men walking through an office setting with hotspots to shows IVA.
Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Learn to Build Real-Time Video AI Applications

Video analytics rely on computerized processing and automatic analysis of video content to detect and determine temporal and spatial events. The field is... 3 MIN READ
DOCA software consists of an SDK and a runtime environment

Get Started on DOCA for DPUs with a Free Introductory Course

Following the announcement of Early Access to the NVIDIA DOCA Software Framework at this year’s GTC, held in November, we launched a self-paced DOCA... 3 MIN READ
Woman at laptop.
Data Science

Get Free Training in Deep learning, Accelerated Computing, and Data Science

For the first time, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) is offering free, one-click notebooks for exploratory hands-on experience in deep learning,... 2 MIN READ