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Explore the Latest NVIDIA SIGGRAPH Breakthroughs with the Demos

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It’s one thing to hear about something new, amazing, or downright mind-blowing. It’s a completely different experience when you can see those breakthroughs visualized and demonstrated. At SIGGRAPH 2021, NVIDIA introduced new and stunning demos showcasing how the latest technologies are transforming workflows across industries. 

From award-winning research demos to photorealistic graphics created with NVIDIA RTX and Omniverse, see how NVIDIA is breaking boundaries in AI, graphics, and virtual collaboration. 

Watch some of the exciting demos featured at SIGGRAPH:

Real-Time Live! Demo: I AM AI: AI-Driven Digital Avatar Made Easy​

This demo won the Best in Show award at SIGGRAPH. It showcases the latest AI tools that can generate digital avatars from a single photo, animate avatars with natural 3D facial motion, and convert text to speech.

Interactive Volumes with NanoVDB in Blender Cycles

See how NanoVDB makes volume rendering more GPU memory-efficient, so larger and more complex scenes can be interactively adjusted and rendered with NVIDIA RTX-accelerated ray tracing and AI denoising.

Interactive Visualization of Galactic Winds with NVIDIA Omniverse

Learn more about NVIDIA IndeX, a volumetric visualization tool for researchers to visualize large scientific datasets interactively, for deeper insights. With Omniverse, users can virtually collaborate in real time, from any location, while using multiple apps simultaneously.

Accelerating AI in Photoshop Neural Filters with NVIDIA RTX A2000

Watch how AI-enhanced Neural Filter in Adobe Photoshop accelerated with NVIDIA RTX A2000 takes photo editing to the next level. Combining NVIDIA RTX A2000 with Photoshop AI, tools like Skin Smoothing and Smart Portrait give photo editors the power of AI for creating stunning portraits.

Multiple Artists, One Server

Discover how to accelerate visual effects production with the NVIDIA EGX Platform, which enables multiple artists to work together on a powerful, secure server from anywhere.

Visit the SIGGRAPH page to watch all the newest demos, catch up on the latest announcements, and explore on-demand content.

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