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Latest Releases and Resources: March 10-16

Our weekly roundup covers the most recent software updates, learning resources, events, and notable news. 


Healthcare and Life Sciences Developer Summit

Join developers and AI experts from the NVIDIA healthcare ecosystem for talks, demos, and hands-on workshops at GTC. Get the latest applications and frameworks advancing AI in healthcare, led by experts from NVIDIA and Quantiphi. The Healthcare and Life Sciences Developer Summit at GTC will explore AI advancements across a wide range of domains, including biopharma, medical devices, smart hospitals, and genomics.

Register Free: Healthcare and Life Sciences Developer Summit

Learning resources

Learn about 3D Collaboration and Development at GDC 2022

NVIDIA Omniverse will be at GDC 2022 featuring a variety of world-class engineers and technology leaders in panels, deep-dives, and sessions. Attendees will learn how the future of collaboration will revolutionize their workflow, along with how these changes will transform industries and development altogether.

Each of these sessions will touch on a different aspect of the virtual world-building workflow, and are available online.

  • Bring It to Life: A Look at Omniverse’s New Runtime Animation System
  • Opportunities for Universal Scene Description in Game Development
  • The Importance of Digital Humans for Industries
  • Deep Dive: One-Click Animation Retargeting in Omniverse

Register online: Omniverse at GDC 2022

Get Hands-On Training with NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute for $149 at GTC

Get hands-on NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute training at GTC. Choose from 26 full-day workshops at a special GTC rate of $149 available in multiple languages and time zones. Workshop topics include deep learning, cybersecurity, recommender systems, NLP, and more. 

Register now: DLI workshops at GTC

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