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Enhancing Low-Resolution SDR Video with the NVIDIA RTX Video SDK

Comparison of 1080p and 4K RTX VSR and HDR.

NVIDIA RTX Video is a collection of AI video enhancements that improve the visual quality of lower-quality video. 

  • RTX Video Super Resolution was announced at CES 2023 and uses trained models to sharpen edges, restore features, and remove artifacts often associated with compression artifacts. 
  • RTX Video HDR, released the following year at CES 2024, analyzes SDR video and generates HDR10 quality video, expanding the color gamut to produce clearer and more vibrant frames.  

Originally released as a driver API, NVIDIA RTX Video is now available as an SDK, letting you integrate these effects directly into your own applications.  

NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution

An image of a street with buildings, trees, and a flagpole is halved by a green line, with one side being improved by NVIDIA RTX VSR.
Figure 1. NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution compared to basic upscaling

NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution upscales video while removing compression artifacts.  These blocky artifacts are commonly associated with low-bitrate video. By employing NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution, video creative apps can take lower-quality video, either from archived footage or older webcams, and drastically improve the clarity of the final production. 

As video production grows to 4K resolutions and beyond, the solution for delivering high-quality upscaling quickly can be found with NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution.


With more video platforms supporting HDR content, the need for a simple solution to convert SDR to HDR quickly is becoming more relevant. 

With NVIDIA RTX Video HDR, creative apps can convert video quickly, letting apps show brighter, more vibrant effects in editing windows or in export.  Powered by Tensor cores, NVIDIA RTX Video HDR expands colors from sRGB colorspce to scRGB, while mitigating banding effects that often become visible with many SDR to HDR color mappers.  

The end result is an HDR video with darker darks and brighter lights while retaining as much of the original intent as possible.

Video 1. NVIDIA RTX Video SDK

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The NVIDIA RTX Video SDK is available on Windows 10 and 11 64-bit platforms. It supports DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and Vulcan, with CUDA support coming soon. For more information and to download the SDK, see NVIDIA RTX Video SDK.

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