NVIDIA CloudXR Now Integrated in VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub

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NVIDIA and VMware are helping enterprises take XR streaming to the cloud with the announcement of Workspace ONE XR Hub, which includes an integration with NVIDIA CloudXR for accessing their highest quality XR experiences.

Now in open beta, Workspace ONE XR Hub with CloudXR will allow users to quickly and more securely access complex virtual and augmented environments, scenes, and simulations running on powerful workstations using an All-in-One (AIO) headset.

Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality—collectively known as XR—are helping organizations across industries enhance productivity through transforming workflows such as immersive training and design visualization. But integrating XR into current workflows can present a few challenges.

NVIDIA and VMware are working together to make it easier for businesses and professionals to adopt AR and VR. Workspace ONE XR Hub, an advanced engineering project from VMware, will act as a client application on an AIO headset, enabling users to securely connect to remote VR and AR content running on virtual machines.

Using VMware vSphere and VMware Horizon, enterprises can quickly and easily deploy XR-capable virtual machines accelerated by NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software. Workspace ONE XR Hub will use NVIDIA CloudXR to stream rich XR applications and content, while maintaining compatibility with VMware Blast Extreme for optional desktop access.

At the NVIDIA Booth at VMworld, see the latest demo that showcases Autodesk VRED, Workspace ONE XR Hub, and CloudXR delivering real-time renderings of full-fidelity digital models to AIO VR headsets, handheld phones and tablets, and even workstations. The VRED renderings are generated on centrally managed servers, which are built using NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS). The content is securely streamed to managed users and devices through Workspace ONE XR Hub with CloudXR. Collaborators will be able to freely interact with one another on any device from any location in full fidelity, photorealistic immersive environments.

“From immersive training to immersive design solutions, our customers need the highest fidelity experience with the greatest mobility. Running VR applications on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA vGPU, combined with NVIDIA CloudXR to stream content to a mobile VR headset, is a great way to solve that challenge,” said Matt Coppinger, director of XR at VMware. “We’ve also been developing Workspace ONE XR Hub, which will provide simple and secure access to native and remote VR applications. CloudXR integrated in VMware Workspace ONE will provide the ultimate enterprise experience for users and IT.”

Learn more about NVIDIA CloudXR and how you can integrate the solution into your products.

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