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Learn How Industry Leaders Are Architecting Solutions for Automotive Design and Development at Scale at GTC 2021

Autonomous vehicles are born in the data center, and at GTC 2021, attendees can learn exactly how high-performance compute is vital to developing, training, testing and validating the next generation of transportation.

The NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference returns to the virtual stage April 12-16, featuring autonomous vehicle leaders in a range of talks, panels and virtual networking events. Attendees will also have access to hands-on training for self-driving development and other deep learning topics. Registration is free of charge.

During GTC, NVIDIA experts as well as those from companies such as Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Uber and Lyft will be hosting sessions on developing and leveraging an AI infrastructure for safe autonomous vehicle development.

Data Center Development

The array of redundant and diverse deep neural networks that run in autonomous vehicles all begin development in the data center and continue to be iterated upon as the car learns new features and capabilities.

Bryan Goodman, senior technical leader of Ford’s AI Advancement center, Wadim Kehl, senior machine learning engineer at Toyota, and Norm Marks, global director of automotive business development at NVIDIA, will come together for a panel discussion on the challenges and best practices for scaling data center infrastructure for this type of comprehensive DNN development.

Additionally, experts will discuss how to use GPUs to enable the scale necessary for autonomous vehicle development. Sammy Sidhu, perception engineer at Lyft, Xu Ning, senior engineering manager, Uber Machine Learning Platform, Travis Addair, lead maintainer of Horovod, co-maintainer of Ludwig, Michael Del Balso, founder of, and Manish Harsh, manager of developer relations at NVIDIA, will cover their experience in building the machine learning operations platforms for self-driving cars.

Validation in the Virtual World

Once self-driving DNNs are developed, they must undergo exhaustive testing and validation before they can operate in the real world. With simulation, these algorithms can experience millions of miles of eventful driving data in a fraction of the time and cost it would take to drive in the real world.

Nicolas Orand, senior director at R&D Autonomy, Klaus Lamberg, strategic product manager at dSpace, Blake Gasca, senior director of business development at SmartDrive, and Justyna Zander, head of AV verification and validation at NVIDIA, will discuss the simulation toolchain, from scenario databases and sensor modeling to full system validation.

GTC will also feature the latest in simulation technology, with Gavriel State, senior director of system software at NVIDIA, showcasing the NVIDIA DRIVE Sim platform on Omniverse, generating synthetic data to comprehensively train deep neural networks for autonomous vehicle applications.

AI at the Edge

Data center operations don’t end once algorithms are validated. These DNNs are continuously improving to deliver cutting edge capabilities.

Alexandra Baleta and Thomas Schmitt of VMWare will join Christophe Couvreur, vice president of product at Cerence, Sunil Samil, vice president of products at Akridata, and Dean Harris, automotive business development manager at NVIDIA, will share how they enable AI applications in autonomous vehicles, leveraging near edge compute infrastructure for scale and cost optimization.

Florian Baumann, CTO of automotive and AI at Dell, will cover the ways autonomous vehicle developers can leverage enterprise AI, data science, and big data analytics to optimize the self-driving car experience. 

Finally, General Motor’s Jayaraman Sivakumar and Brian Roginski, Tata Consultancy Services Head of Cognitive Business Sivakumar Shanmugam and Sean Young, NVIDIA Director BD Manufacturing, will discuss how GM has adopted virtualization to meet new demands for advanced engineering and design.

GTC will also include NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Days, running from April 20-22, which will consist of deep dive sessions on DRIVE end-to-end solutions.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the premier experts in autonomous vehicle development — take advantage of free GTC registration today.

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