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Celebrating the 2 Million Innovators Changing the World

With the number of registered NVIDIA developers having just hit 2 million, NVIDIA developers are pursuing more breakthroughs than ever.

Whether they’re tackling challenges at the cutting edge of physics, trying to tame a worldwide pandemic, or sorting their child’s Lego collection, innovators join NVIDIA’s developer program to help them solve their most challenging problems.

It took 13 years to reach 1 million registered developers, and less than two more to reach 2 million.

They write, debug and optimize code, often taking a set of software building blocks — frameworks, application programming interfaces and other tools — and putting them to work to do something new.

These developers include business and academic leaders from every region in the world.

Developers are trained and equipped for success through our GTC conferences, online and in-person tutorials, our Deep Learning Institute training, and technical blogs. We provide them with software development kits such as CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT and OptiX.

NVIDIA’s developer program, however, is just a piece of a much bigger developer story. There are now more than a billion CUDA GPUs in the world — each capable of running CUDA-accelerated software — giving developers, hackers and makers a vast installed base to work with.

Read the full blog, 2 Million Registered Developers, Countless Breakthroughs, on the NVIDIA Blog.

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