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GTC 2019 Silicon Valley Preview: CUDA Talks and Sessions

Expected to be the biggest yet, NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) features hundreds of sessions on the most important topics in computing today. From weather prediction and materials science to wind tunnel simulation and genomics, NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing is at the heart of HPC. Gain insights from experts into updates to the CUDA platform and cutting-edge applications it has fueled across industries and scientific domains.

Here is a glimpse into some of the talks that delve into the latest developments in the CUDA ecosystem:

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If you would like to connect directly with NVIDIA engineers and experts from other organizations to get answers to your CUDA questions, make sure to visit us at the pods in the exhibit hall for these ‘Connect with the Experts’ sessions:

“At the core of all of the GTC activities are NVIDIA GPUs and the CUDA SDK that helps researchers, enterprises, and others to maximize the processing potential of their GPUs. Without CUDA, it is all just hardware that looks green and pretty. GTC is fundamentally about enabling the developers that utilize the NVIDIA CUDA SDK to connect with one another and others in the ecosystem to advance their learning and skills.” – Patrick Moorhead

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