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Nikolay Sakharnykh is a senior AI developer technology manager at NVIDIA. He works on accelerating data analytics and machine learning applications on GPUs. He is interested in novel memory management techniques.
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Accelerating Lossless GPU Compression with New Flexible Interfaces in NVIDIA nvCOMP

Compression can improve performance in a variety of use cases such as DL workloads, databases, and general HPC. On the GPU, compression can accelerate inter-GPU... 12 MIN READ
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Improving GPU Memory Oversubscription Performance

Since its introduction more than 7 years ago, the CUDA Unified Memory programming model has kept gaining popularity among developers. Unified Memory provides a... 16 MIN READ
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Optimizing Data Transfer Using Lossless Compression with NVIDIA nvcomp

One of the most interesting applications of compression is optimizing communications in GPU applications. GPUs are getting faster every year. For some apps,... 17 MIN READ
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Introducing Low-Level GPU Virtual Memory Management

There is a growing need among CUDA applications to manage memory as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Before CUDA 10.2, the number of options available to... 23 MIN READ
Unified Memory
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Maximizing Unified Memory Performance in CUDA

Many of today's applications process large volumes of data. While GPU architectures have very fast HBM or GDDR memory, they have limited capacity. Making the... 18 MIN READ
Figure 1: Dimethyl ether jet simulations designed to study complex new fuels. Image courtesy of the Center for Exascale Simulation of Combustion in Turbulence (ExaCT).
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Beyond GPU Memory Limits with Unified Memory on Pascal

[caption id="attachment_7428" align="alignright" width="300"] Figure 1: Dimethyl ether jet simulations designed to study complex new fuels. Image courtesy of... 20 MIN READ