James Sohn

James Sohn is a product manager in the NVIDIA Deep Learning Software team. He focuses on the recommender system framework, Merlin. James holds a master's degree in robotics from Northwestern University, where he focused on computer vision and human motion modeling with machine learning, and a bachelor's degree from Purdue University.

Posts by James Sohn

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Developing a Question Answering Application Quickly Using NVIDIA Riva

Learn how you can use NVIDIA Riva to develop a QA system. 5 MIN READ
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Building a Question and Answering Service Using Natural Language Processing with NVIDIA NGC and Google Cloud

NVIDIA GTC provides training, insights, and direct access to experts. Join us for breakthroughs in AI, data center, accelerated computing, healthcare… 12 MIN READ
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Getting the Most Out of the NVIDIA A100 GPU with Multi-Instance GPU

With the third-generation Tensor Core technology, NVIDIA recently unveiled A100 Tensor Core GPU that delivers unprecedented acceleration at every scale for AI… 18 MIN READ
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Deploying a Natural Language Processing Service on a Kubernetes Cluster with Helm Charts from NVIDIA NGC

Conversational AI solutions such as chatbots are now deployed in the data center, on the cloud, and at the edge to deliver lower latency and high quality of… 12 MIN READ
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Simplifying AI Inference with NVIDIA Triton Inference Server from NVIDIA NGC

Seamlessly deploying AI services at scale in production is as critical as creating the most accurate AI model. Conversational AI services, for example… 8 MIN READ
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Optimizing and Accelerating AI Inference with the TensorRT Container from NVIDIA NGC

Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most challenging tasks for AI because it needs to understand context, phonics, and accent to convert human… 9 MIN READ