Harry Clifford

Harry is the product lead for genomics at NVIDIA, leveraging NVIDIA’s expertise in AI, high performance computing (HPC), and data analytics stacks to address genomics workflows with accelerated high-accuracy solutions. His background is in bioinformatics and functional genomics, including a PhD from the University of Oxford, post-doctoral experience in the biopharma industry and at the University of Cambridge, and entrepreneurial experience in the biotech sector. Harry was listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 after co-founding precision oncology company CCG.ai (acquired by Dante Labs), a Y Combinator and Merck Accelerator-backed start-up delivering decision support via deep learning and advanced analytical software.
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Data Science

Advancing Cell Segmentation and Morphology Analysis with NVIDIA AI Foundation Model VISTA-2D

Genomics researchers use different sequencing techniques to better understand biological systems, including single-cell and spatial omics. Unlike single-cell,... 7 MIN READ
Decorative image of stained cells in light green on dark blue background.
Data Science

Boost Multi-Omics Analysis with GPU-Acceleration and Generative AI

NVIDIA Parabricks v4.3 was released at NVIDIA GTC 2024, introducing new tooling and workflows that bring acceleration and the latest AI techniques to multiple... 7 MIN READ
GIF of rotating protein structure.
Generative AI

Train Generative AI Models for Drug Discovery with NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework

NVIDIA BioNeMo Framework has been released and is now generally available to download on NGC, enabling researchers to build and deploy generative AI, large... 7 MIN READ
Photo of a scientist in a lab coat and holding a pipette working over a row of machines.
Data Science

Accelerate Genomic Analysis for Any Sequencer with NVIDIA Parabricks v4.2

Parabricks version 4.2 has been released, furthering its mission to deliver unprecedented speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy in genomics sequencing... 7 MIN READ
Genetic data
Data Science

Accelerate Whole Exome Analysis with Deep Learning at 70% Cost Reduction Using NVIDIA Parabricks

The human exome is key to understanding and treating genetic disorders and disease. Although the exome consists of just over 1% of the human genome, it also... 9 MIN READ
DNA sequencing image
Data Science

Long-Read Sequencing Workflows and Higher Throughputs in NVIDIA Parabricks 4.1

The upcoming 4.1 release of NVIDIA Parabricks, a suite of accelerated genomic analysis applications, goes further than ever before in accelerating sequencing... 6 MIN READ