Erik Bohnhorst

Erik is a senior product manager at NVIDIA, focusing on cloud-native technologies to build best-in-class solutions for the edge and datacenter. Erik joined NVIDIA in 2014, helping customers in his role as a solution architect to build world-class virtualized remote workstations. Erik led the Technical Marketing team until he joined the EGX team.

Posts by Erik Bohnhorst

AI / Deep Learning

Adding More Support in NVIDIA GPU Operator

Reliably provisioning servers with GPUs can quickly become complex as multiple components must be installed and managed to use GPUs with Kubernetes. 6 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Deploying AI Applications with NVIDIA EGX on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Microservers

Modern expectations for agile capabilities and constant innovation—with zero downtime—calls for a change in how software for embedded and edge devices are… 14 MIN READ