Alea GPU

To cope with the fragmented GPU computing landscape in terms of hardware and platform diversity, software companies increasingly rely on the .NET framework as a strategic cross platform technology for their CPU and GPU codebase.

Alea GPU is a professional GPU software development environment for .NET and Mono.

  • Fully cross-platform – write GPU code once and run it on any platform such as Windows, Linux or OS X
  • Time savings with pre-fabricated GPU algorithms and a growing collection of integrated libraries such as cuBlas or cuDNN
  • More productivity with first class tooling for coding, debugging and profiling fully integrated in Visual Studio
  • More agility with GPU scripting and a REPL in Visual Studio for rapid prototyping of GPU code

Alea GPU relies on NVIDIA's CUDA LLVM compiler technology. Code compiled with Alea GPU delivers the same performance as CUDA C/C++ or CUDA Fortran.

The Alea GPU Community Edition is free as part of our mission to improve the .NET GPU ecosystem. Subscription licenses for the Alea GPU Professional and Enterprise Editions can be obtained from QuantAlea.

For more information consult the QuantAlea web page.

Give it a try and download Alea GPU from

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