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Nsight Compute 2023.2 is now archived

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Nsight Compute allows profiling on x86_64 Windows, Linux, PowerPC, and Arm Server Based System Architecture platforms locally or from Windows, Linux, or MacOS hosts. See System Requirements for more information.

Nsight Compute 2023.2 (Windows)

Nsight Compute 2023.2 (Linux Desktop)

Nsight Compute 2023.2 (MacOS)

Nsight Compute 2023.2 (PowerPC)

Nsight Compute 2023.2 (ArmServer)

Nsight Compute is available in the CUDA Toolkit bundled in the JetPack SDK.

Nsight Systems is available as part of DRIVE OS for development and deployment on DRIVE AGX-based autonomous vehicles.

Nsight Compute is also available as part of the CUDA Toolkit
Read Nsight Compute 2023.2 documentation

System Requirements

Windows Linux Mac DRIVE OS
Host Windows x86_64[1] Linux x86_64[1]
Linux aarch64 sbsa[1]
Linux aarch64 (L4T)[2]
MacOS[1] -
Target Windows x86_64[1] Linux x86_64[1]
Linux PowerPC[1]
Linux aarch64 sbsa[1]
Linux aarch64 (L4T)[2]
- DRIVE OS QNX aarch64[2][3]
DRIVE OS Linux aarch64[2][3]

Host platforms support the Nsight Compute UI for viewing reports, interactive profiling and remote connections. Applications are profiled on target platforms, which also support the Nsight Compute command line interface.

Supported NVIDIA GPU architectures

  • Ada: AD10x
  • Ampere: A100 with Multi-Instance GPU, GA10x
  • Hopper: H100 with Multi-Instance GPU
  • Turing: TU1xx
  • Volta: GV100[1], GV10B[2]

[1] available in this download and the CUDA Desktop Toolkit

[2] available in the Embedded or Drive toolkits only

[3] Only the command line interface (CLI) is provided for these platforms. There is no Nsight Compute GUI application for these platforms

Recommended Drivers

  • NVIDIA Windows display driver - 537.13 or newer
  • NVIDIA Linux display driver Linux - 535.104.05 or newer

We recommend using drivers provided with the most recent CUDA Toolkit production release or a newer version. Older driver versions are also supported.

Release Notes

2023.2 Update 2 - 8/29/2023

2023.2 Update 1 - 7/25/2023

2023.2 - 6/26/2023

  • Support for the CUDA toolkit 12.2
  • Adds rules to show potential performance improvement estimates for prioritization
  • Workflow improvements and bug fixes.
  • View full release notes

2023.1 Update 1 - 4/18/2023

  • Support for the CUDA toolkit 12.1 Update 1
  • New configuration options to set the default view mode and precision for the Source page
  • Workflow improvements and bug fixes.
  • View full release notes

2023.1 - 2/28/2023

  • Support for the CUDA toolkit 12.1 and OptiX 7.7
  • New application range replay mode
  • Added sharedBankConflicts sample CUDA application
  • CPU and GPU NUMA topology metrics and NUMA Affinity sections
  • Performance improvements and source file re-resolve on the source page
  • View full release notes

2022.4 Update 1 - 1/30/2023

  • Support for the CUDA toolkit 12.0 Update 1
  • Support for the latest ADA GPUs, including AD104, AD106, and AD107.
  • View full release notes

2022.4 - 12/8/2022

  • Support for the CUDA toolkit 12.0
  • Profiling of complete CUDA graphs and device-sided graph launches.
  • OptiX resource tracking, export and Acceleration Structure viewer enhancements.
  • View full release notes

2022.3 - 08/03/2022

  • NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture support
  • NVIDIA Hopper GPU architecture support
  • Acceleration Structure viewer supports multiple traversable handles and uses OptiX naming for displayed elements.
  • View full release notes

2022.2 - 05/11/2022

  • Improved performance for profiling and metric query
  • Expanded Resources tool window
  • Acceleration Structure viewer for debugging and optimizing Optix API ray tracing.
  • View full release notes


View the full Nsight Compute Release History.


Nsight Compute Documentation

Release Notes

Release notes, including new features and important bug fixes. Supported platforms and GPUs. List of known issues for the current release.

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Nsight Compute

NVIDIA Nsight Compute User Interface (UI) manual. Information on all views, controls and workflows within the tool UI. Transitions guide for Visual Profiler.

Nsight Compute CLI

NVIDIA Nsight Compute Command Line Interface (CLI) manual. Information on workflows and options for the command line, including multi-process profiling and NVTX filtering. Transitions guide for Nvprof.


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Tools and Techniques for Making Efficient Use of GPUs

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