drive sdk diagram

Developers using DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kits should use the latest DRIVE OS 6.0 release which includes DriveWorks.

Developers using DRIVE AGX Xavier and Pegasus XT Developer Kits may choose between:

  • DRIVE OS 5.2.6 and DriveWorks 4.0 for customers that leverage DRIVE OS and DriveWorks APIs.
  • DRIVE Software 10.0 for Hyperion 7.1 developers. DRIVE Software includes the DRIVE OS, DriveWorks, DRIVE IX and DRIVE AV modules above.


    NVIDIA DRIVE® OS is a foundational software stack consisting of an embedded real-time operating system (RTOS), NVIDIA Hypervisor, NVIDIA® CUDA® libraries, NVIDIA TensorRT™, and other modules that provide you access to the hardware engines. DRIVE OS offers a safe and secure execution environment for applications such as secure boot, security services, firewall, and over-the-air (OTA) updates.


    • Multiple guest operating systems
    • 64-bit user space and runtime libraries
    • NvMedia APIs for hardware-accelerated multimedia and camera input processing
    • CUDA parallel computing platform
    • Graphics APIs: OpenGL, OpenGL ES, EGL with EGLStream extensions
    • Deep learning libraries: TensorRT, cuDNN


    NVIDIA® DriveWorks SDK enables developers to implement autonomous vehicle (AV) solutions by providing a comprehensive library of modules, developer tools, and reference applications that leverage the computing power of the NVIDIA DRIVE platform. It is designed to achieve the full throughput limits of the computer, enabling real-time self-driving applications.


    • Efficient utilization of the many processors inside the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.
    • Optimization of data communication formats between hardware engines.
    • Minimization of data copies.
    • Implementation and utilization of the most efficient algorithms.


    NVIDIA DRIVE CHAUFFEUR (AV) provides perception, mapping, and planning modules using the DriveWorks SDK.

    • DRIVE Perception: Detects, tracks, and estimates distances using diverse DNNs and heterogeneous sensor data for obstacles, paths, and wait perception.
    • DRIVE Mapping: Aggregates and aligns anonymous lightweight data from millions of NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ consumers and surveys data-collection vehicles for safe, reliable, and up-to-date global HD map coverage.
    • DRIVE Planning: Plans and controls the vehicle’s motion, including path, lane, and behavioral planning.


    NVIDIA DRIVE CONCIERGE (IX) is an open software platform that provides full cabin interior sensing capabilities needed to enable innovative AI cockpit solutions. DRIVE CONCIERGE (IX) provides APIs and DNNs to access and realize features needed for advanced driver monitoring capabilities, occupant monitoring capabilities, AR/VR visualization and natural language interactions between the vehicle and its occupants.