This page contains instructional videos for NVIDIA® Nsight™ Compute. These videos are a great resource for enhancing your understanding of all the features Nsight Compute has to offer.

Nsight Compute 2020.1 Spotlight

This NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2020.1 release spotlight highlights these new features:

  • Roofline Analysis for Visualization of Performance Headroom
  • NVIDIA Ampere Architecture metrics
    • Asynchronous Copy to Shared Memory
    • Sparse Data Compression

Nsight Compute Overview | New in 2020.1 available 2020/05/28 (CUDA 11.0)| View on YouTube

GTC 2020 Lab: Modern CUDA Programming Hazards and the Linux Nsight Toolbox to Fix Them

In this hands-on lab, you'll learn from NVIDIA developers and experts about efficiently debugging, profiling, and optimizing CUDA applications on Linux. Through a set of exercises, you'll use the latest features in NVIDIA's suite of tools to detect and fix common issues of correctness and performance in their applications.

Presented 05-21-2020 | GTC 2020: Nsight Compute 2020.1 (CUDA 11.0) | View on DevZone | Lab Materials on GitHub

GTC 2020: Optimizing CUDA Kernels in HPC Simulation and Visualization Codes Using NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2020.1

NVIDIA engineers and the developers of molecular modeling tools at University of Illinois will share their experiences using NVIDIA Nsight Compute to analyze and optimize several CUDA/Optix kernels in HPC applications, such as VMD and NAMD. This presentation highlights several intermediate and advanced kernel profiling techniques and show you how to iteratively identify bottlenecks and improve your kernel performance. You'll also get an overview of NVIDIA Nsight Compute 2020.1 features including support for the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture and new Roofline Analysis

Presented 05-21-2020 | GTC 2020: Nsight Compute 2020.1 (CUDA 11.0) | View on DevZone

Blue Waters Webinar 2019: Introduction to NVIDIA Nsight Compute - A CUDA Kernel Profiler

Understanding and optimizing the runtime behavior of your code can be a challenging effort but is often rewarded with significant performance gains. NVIDIA Nsight Compute is a CUDA kernel profiler that provides detailed performance data and offers guidance for optimizing your CUDA kernels. You'll learn about how to collect a wide range of performance data for your CUDA kernels, how automatic rules help in detecting common performance pitfalls and offering guidance through the profile reports, how to quickly compare profiling results to evaluate the effects of your code changes, and how to customize the tool to fit best to your optimization workflow

Presented 11-06-2019 | GTC 2020: Nsight Compute 2019.4 (CUDA 10.2) | View on

GTC Silicon Valley-2019 ID:S9345:CUDA Kernel Profiling Using NVIDIA Nsight Compute

Learn about NVIDIA's developer tool, Nsight Compute, for optimizing your CUDA kernels. Nsight Compute is an interactive kernel profiler for CUDA applications that provides detailed performance metrics and API debugging via a user interface and command line tool. In addition, its baseline feature allows users to compare results within the tool. We'll explain how Nsight Compute provides a customizable and data-driven user interface and metric collection and can be extended with analysis scripts for post-processing results.
View the slides (pdf)

Presented March 2019 | GTC 2020: Nsight Compute 2019.1 (CUDA 10.1) | View on DevZone

SIGGRAPH 2018: OptiX Profiling with Nsight Compute

In this hands-on live demo, we'll show how NSIGHT Compute can be used to profile applications built with NVIDIA OptiX. We'll identify perfomance bottlenecks in several OptiX applications and identify the key differences between vanilla CUDA programs and OptiX applications from a profiling perspective. We'll also demonstrate how to customize NSIGHT Compute to extract and present profiling information in the way that is most suitable for a given OptiX application. This talk will contain almost no slides and instead focus on live usage of the tools involved.

Presented Aug 15 2018 | SIGGRAPH2018: Nsight Compute 1.0 (CUDA 10.0) | View on


Learn about NVIDIA's developer tools for optimizing your CUDA kernels. We will cover the latest updates to the Visual Profiler, nvprof, and Nsight and we will introduce NVIDIA's next generation of kernel profiling tools. See our new tools in action providing a consistent experience across all platforms, lower performance overhead, and ways to customize our tools to your needs.

Presented March 29, 2018 | GTC2018: Nsight Compute Preview (CUDA 9.2) | View on

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