NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 12.5 no longer supports development or running applications on macOS. While there are no tools which use macOS as a target environment, NVIDIA is making macOS host versions of these tools that you can launch profiling and debugging sessions on supported target platforms.

You may download all these tools here. Note that the Nsight tools provide the ability to download these macOS host versions on their respective product pages.

Please visit each tool's overview page for more information about the tool and its supported target platforms.

The macOS host tools provided are:

  • Nsight Systems - a system profiler and timeline trace tool supporting Pascal and newer GPUs
  • Nsight Compute - a CUDA kernel profiler supporting Volta and new GPUs

NOTE: that the MacOS host version these tools, deprecated in previous releases, have been dropped as of CUDA Toolkit 12.5. Follow these links to review the supported operating systems for these tools.

  • Visual Profiler - a CUDA kernel and system profiler and timeline trace tool supporting older GPUs
  • cuda-gdb - a GPU and CPU CUDA application debugger

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NVIDIA development tools are freely offered through the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program

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