Archived 11/17/2014: Nsight Visual Studio Edition 4.1 is no longer supported.

For the latest version of Nsight Visual Studio Edition, please visit Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition Downloads.

Nsight Visual Studio Edition 4.1 adds support for the new Maxwell architecture based GPUs, OpenGL extensions, new types in the frame profiler, and CUDA 6.5 toolkit.

CUDA Toolkit 6.5 is available for download at

Please note that this release requires a NVIDIA Display Driver version 343.98 or newer.

Download instructions

Simply follow the steps below to download and install the Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.1.

Step 1: Download and install required NVIDIA display driver for your target development environment

Step 2: For developers who develop CUDA, download and install the latest version of CUDA 6.0 (available at

Step 3: Download and install NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.1

All resources can be found under the NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center.


Learn more about NVIDIA® Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 4.1