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WEF’s 2020 Technology Pioneers List: AI Startups to Know

The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced its 2020 Technology Pioneers list, highlighting 100 startups driving innovation through technological advancement.  Numerous NVIDIA Inception startups were featured, including: ABC Technology, ABEJA, GuanData, Lunit, Fiddler Labs, Metawave, Roadbotics, and Veo Robotics. 

ABC Technology

ABC Technology uses natural language processing (NLP) to help financial institutions and large enterprises draw insights and maximize their investments by automating the entire data processing cycle, using both unstructured and structured data sources. NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, CUDA-X AI, Deep Learning SDK and Clara Deploy SDK power their solution.


ABEJA’s platform supports the machine learning/deep learning pipeline, from development, to deployment, to operation. ABEJA’s customers include primarily retail and manufacturing companies. ABEJA uses NVIDIA V100, Quadro, TITAN and Jetson GPUs. ABEJA is also an NVIDIA Inception GPU Ventures portfolio company.


Guandata is a data analytics platform that serves a customer base of predominantly retail companies and financial institutions. Guandata uses NVIDIA’s Geforce GPU and CUDA-X AI in their innovation.


Lunit is a medical imaging startup driven by a mission to eliminate cancer. Used by hospitals across the globe, Lunit has analyzed millions of images using NVIDIA Jetson, NVIDIA V100s, and Quadro GPUs. 

Fiddler Labs

Fiddler Labs has engineered an explainable AI platform that allows its customers to detect fraud, and understand customer acquisition and churn. Fiddler Labs uses cloud-based NVIDIA K80 GPUs. Watch NVIDIA’s recent webinar with Fiddler Labs.


Metawave is developing long range radar for auto applications, using NVIDIA V100, Quadro, and TITAN GPUs to train neural networks to do object classification.


Roadbotics is a computer vision-driven road inspection automation technology that works with governments to make informed decisions about their infrastructure. Roadbotics uses NVIDIA V100 GPUs.

Veo Robotics

Veo Robotics uses advanced computer vision and 3D sensing technology to make standard industrial robots responsive. 

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