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Video Tutorial: Flex for Unity Plugin

NVIDIA FleX, a particle based simulation tool for real-time visual effects, has just made its debut as a plugin on the Unity Asset Store. FleX for Unity solves a significant physics challenge in game development: getting different simulated substances (rigid bodies, fluids, clothing, etc.) to interact with each other seamlessly in real time. FleX harnesses the power of GPUs to make it happen.

The following videos will get you started learning about FleX and how to use the plugin. We know you’re busy, so we’ve broken the tutorial into four parts, each less than five minutes in length. They’re meant to be viewed as you are setting up FleX for the first time in Unity, and putting the tool through its paces.

First, though, you need to download the FleX Unity Plugin from the Unity Asset Store.

When you’re ready to go, we’ll walk you through how the FleX Unity Plugin can be used to simulate solid, deformable and liquid materials that can all interact with each other.

FleX for Unity Tutorial Video 1 (2:16)

FleX Tutorial Video 1 shows you how to import the FleX Unity plugin package and introduces the central asset type: the FleX container.


FleX for Unity Tutorial Video 2 (4:42)

This video to demonstrates how to add particles to a Flex container in order to simulate granular and liquid materials.

FleX for Unity Tutorial Video 3 (4:22)

The third tutorial video covers how to create solid objects using FleX particles. This tutorial first goes over simulating hard materials, then discusses how to create soft, deformable bodies such as cloth.

FleX for Unity Tutorial Video 4 (4:46)

FleX Tutorial Video 4 addresses how to use FleX to simulate deformable objects and how to render them using mesh skinning. At the end, we’re going to show how to combine animated meshes with FleX soft bodies.


Your games will look much more organic once you start using FleX. Fluids, cloth, and rigid bodies will behave as they should, delivering a more convincing experience to players. Grab the plugin today from the Unity Asset Store!





Simon Schrim

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